Monday, September 24, 2012

Quilted Laptop Cover with Egyptian Motifs

     One of my favorite possessions is my laptop.  I do everything with my laptop from work to play and everything in between.  I searched the internet high and low for examples and patterns for a simple and functional cover.  I found several but was inspired by a pattern I found on  It was a simple envelope fastened with Velcro.

Materials needed:
*  Most of the fabric used for this project were scraps from previous projects.  Years ago, I found pre-cut 4-inch squares with Egyptian motifs on eBay and saved them for a special occasion.
*  Batting
*  Scissors
*  Measuring tape
*  Ruler
*  Butcher paper
*  Needle, quilting thread
*  Embroidery thread
*  Velcro

Step One: Measuring

On a flat surface, I carefully measured my laptop, allowing for a quarter-inch seam.  Using a ruler, I drew a pattern on white butcher paper, checking to make sure the pattern fit my laptop before cutting the pattern out.

Step Two: Quilt Top

I took ten 4-inch, pre-cut squares and arranged them in an aesthetically pleasing design, cutting some as rectangles and some as triangles until I acquired the shape and size necessary for the top of my cover.  Using my sewing machine, I sewed the pieces together.

Step Three: Cutting the Fabric

Using the pattern cut from the butcher paper, I cut two sections to complete the envelope effect.  The opening flap and one side of the cover came from scraps of a dark blue fabric garnished with a small piece of gold fabric.  The back is cut from a lighter blue fabric.  I then sewed the quilted top to the opening flap and the back pieces.  Since this is a quilted cover, I took what was left of the light blue fabric and cut a solid piece for the inside of the cover.

*Note: Knowing that I keep my laptop plugged in to the wall socket, I wanted to be able to do so with the cover on my laptop.  I cut a small hole on the side that fit my power cord and used embroidery thread along the edge of the hole.

Step Four:  Batting and Quilting

On a flat surface, I laid out the inside cover, then the batting, and then the top, making a sandwich effect.  I pinned the pieces together and cut the excess batting.  Taking a needle and quilting thread, I quilted the top cover along the edges of the squares and then quilted the bottom cover using a template that makes squared designs.  I also monogrammed my laptop cover with an "R."  I used Microsoft Publisher and made an "R" using the WordArt tool and changed the shape to the font I liked most and the perfect size.  I then printed it off on standard printing paper and used it as a pattern on gold fabric.  Then I used dark blue embroidery thread and sewed it to the opening flap of the cover.

Step Five: Sewing the Cover Together

If I had to do this over, I would put the gold trim on the opening flap before sewing the sides together on my sewing machine.  It was very difficult to get the trim on after sewing and I definitely won't be making that mistake again.  The last thing I did was sew the Velcro on to the flap and the back of the cover.

If you like this project, check out the purse I made with some of the scraps.  Happy sewing!