Monday, December 31, 2012

Quilted Egyptian Backpack Purse

I had several pieces left over from my laptop cover and decided to use them to make a new purse.  I like small bags and backpacks, so I put together this functional, unique backpack.

Materials needed:

*  6 four-inch squares from 2 different fabrics.  I used 3 with Egyptian motifs and 3 golden squares with Egyptian motifs.
*  1 fat quarter (marble blue).
*  1 yard dark blue fabric.
*  Small section of batting.
*  Blue thread, scissors, pins.

Step One:  Sewing the Main Square

I took four of the squares and cut them in half from corner to corner.  Then I arranged the pieces and sewed them together.

After I got the main square together, I used the remaining Egyptian squares to make two pockets.  I then cut a 3-inch wide border for the left and right side, sewing the pockets to them as I sewed it to the main square.

I then cut a back for the purse from the dark blue fabric and sewed it to the right side of the what I created.  Then I use it as a pattern to cut a piece the same size from the marble blue fabric. 

Step Two: Quilting

I then pin the marble blue fabric to the outside of the purse with batting in between with the right side of the marble blue fabric facing down and the outside of the purse is face up.  I then used my sewing machine to quilt the pieces together.

Step Three: Enclosing the purse

I first cut 2 strips from the dark blue fabric three inches wide by eighteen inches long for the straps.  Then cut 1 strip from the marble blue for the top edge of the purse.  Finally, cut another strip from the dark blue fabric two inches wide by 20 inches long for the draw string.  Fold each of the strips in half (length-wise) and sew along the edges.  Turn them inside-out and iron them flat.  Pin the dark blue straps to the back of and sew the marble blue strip to the top of the purse, leaving enough room for the draw string.  Take the draw string and feed it into the marble blue edge.

To make the bottom, cut a rectangle from the marble fabric and the dark blue fabric.  Place batting in between the pieces and pin together.  Pin the bottom to the purse and sew together.